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Telecommuting Internet Applications Developer, Part-Time.
Subcontractor relationship preferred.


SSCSI is a small entrepreneurial Internet software development company expanding to accommodate growing requirements from several large clients. Incorporated in 1995, we have been providing the highest quality service to clients since 1992.

SSCSI has succeeded by building long-term relationships with clients and contractors, by offering a broad range of technologies and solutions to our clients, and by staying focused on customer value and satisfaction.

We seek an individual who is accustomed to operating this way for a long-term and profitable business relationship.

Current Projects

The projects under development are generally Internet and Intranet applications with database connectivity on Linux, Sun, and Windows Server platforms. Many of these consist of or include Java applets using JDBC. Databases employed include PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, and MS Access.

Projects are developed mostly 'by hand', without the use of tools such as Visual InterDev and FrontPage. The exception to this is the development of Java applets, for which we use an IDE. We seek a programmer who understands raw software code, and uses development tools to enhance code production.

Position Description

Candidate will provide high quality software design, coding, and testing of projects. Occasional meetings during normal business hours with clients will be necessary, to review requirements and evaluate development progress.

Candidate will be highly focused on client satisfaction and support, and will excel at communicating with these clients.

Candidate will be integral in growing the company, and upon success, may be responsible for hiring and managing staff.

Position will begin as part-time, 20-30 hours weekly. Possible later expansion to full-time, if desirable by candidate and employer.

Position Requirements

Candidate must be able to work independently and efficiently to produce professional quality software.

Candidate should be highly skilled in several areas of software development, and have a proven record of adapting to new technologies. Development tools such as FrontPage and Visual InterDev are not used, and candidate should be proficient in developing dynamically-generated HTML using various scripting languages including ASP/VBScript and Perl.

Candidate should have experience designing and implementing user interfaces.

Candidate should have experience developing database client applications using Java and JDBC.

Candidate should be experienced in developing application interfaces in HTML for a variety of browsers (and browser versions), using JavaScript/JScript for field validation and interfacing with Java applets.

Candidate should be experienced in database design and access via SQL statements.

Summary of Technologies Used at SSCSI

  Web Browser: Java, JavaScript, DHTML, HTML
  Web Server: CGI (PERL), ASP (VBScript, PERL), Java Servlets
  Database: PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access
  Database Interfaces: JDBC, SQL, ADO

Summary of Development Technologies Used at SSCSI

  Windows 9X, ME, XP: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Photoshop
  Windows Servers: IIS, ODBC, MS SQL Server
  UNIX (Linux): Apache (JServ, mod_perl), PostgreSQL, Tomcat

Contract and permanent employment considered (circumstance-based).

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