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Established in 1992 (incorporated in 1995), SSCSI applies proven Internet and intranet technologies to streamline all types of data operations. We leverage open-source software to maximize the cost-to-performance benefit for our clients. Some of the services we have provided include:

Intranet Applications, Database, E-Commerce, and Mainframe Legacy Systems Development and Integration, Web-Based Router and Network Management Tool Development
Comprehensive Ruby-on-Rails Web application development; Web service development in Rails and .NET (C#); Interface design incorporating AJAX technology with JQuery, Prototype, and Scriptaculous libraries; Development of Java applets and servlets; CGI Scripting with Perl, mod_perl, and C++; JavaScript, DHTML, Active Server Pages with VBScript and PerlScript, and ActiveX
System-to-System Connectivity with XML, SOAP; Enterprise integration with Active Directory and other LDAP sources
Software Development, Support, and System Administration for Linux (Ubuntu), Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server Platforms, Solaris; Virtual (Cloud) Server Configuration and Administration
Database Design and Management with PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access, FoxPro, DBase, and others; Programming with ADO, ODBC, JDBC, and other interfaces
Design and Maintenance of Large-Scale, Data-Intensive Web Applications and Web Sites
Creation of Original Artwork and Optimized Graphics for the Web and for Print

The fundamental element of our business is trust. We enjoy a unique two-way loyalty with our clients, promoting creativity, productivity, and a cheerful rapport. Our clients generally last for many years, and in fact, SSCSI's business base has been built by referrals alone.

We strive to help our clients standout within their respective industries. Some examples of present and past clients:

For Major Hotelier International World Headquarters
since 1997
SSCSI has helped manage network and application deployment to hotel properties all over the world. Our joint efforts have resulted in superior service to the properties and profound cost savings.

Development and maintenance of an intranet-based system to manage the acquisition, configuration, deployment, maintenance, and billing of worldwide data networking system (Windows 2000, NT, Java servlet/applet Architecture)

Development of an intranet-based system to facilitate user registration, authorization, access, billing, and workflow for Internet and Telecommunication-based services offered on a worldwide scale (Windows 2000, ASP, Visual Basic, PerlScript, Java)

Created a screen-scraping servlet to provide secure legacy mainframe access through a web browser (Java servlets, IBM Host-on-Demand Java Class Library, Perl, ASP/VBScript)

For an International Facilities Management Web Site
since 1997
SSCSI provides all of the technical resources to operate and grow this highly respected organization within the Facilities Management community.

Developed an automated News system to manage posting and removal of news stories, display of embedded advertisements associating ads with article content, and ad impression management to guarantee advertisers a specific amount of visibility (Perl, PostgreSQL)

Developed a self-maintaining vendor marketplace management and search system (Perl, PostgreSQL)

Designed a DHTML-based Featured Sponsors page that increases ad revenue by maximizing the number of logos and company descriptions on a single screen

Created a custom integrated bulletin board system and Java administration tool (Java, Perl, PostgreSQL)

Designed original graphics and site design which integrates banner ads into each page

For a Law Firm in Baltimore, MD
1997 - 2007:

Developed a web site demonstrating SSCSI's ability to excel in both graphic design and technology application. SSCSI established the original design concept, performed the photography and digital image enhancement, redesigned the logo, built the database, and coded the site to produce an award-winning product that is largely maintained by the client.

Designed an award-winning (Red Street, 1997) layout, original graphics, logo, photography, and programming (Photoshop, Perl)

Developed Internet/intranet resume management system with output to HTML and fully-formatted MS Word documents (VBA for Applications, Perl, VBScript)

For a Major Hospital Group in Maryland
1992 - 2002:

SSCSI enjoyed a ten-year relationship with this client, during which time services ranged from programming a custom managed-care system in FoxPro, to designing and deploying a 3000+ page database-driven web site to service all of the hospitals.

Development and management of a large-scale database-driven web site (Linux, Perl, Java)

Designed a contextual global search system to associate thousands of web pages (Perl)

Developed a unique medical dictionary that contextually associates related medical services

Developed a Java-based secure site administration tool to accommodate site updates by untrained individuals across the hospital network

Designed the original graphics and performed photography and digital enhancement (Photoshop, CorelDraw)

For a Non-Profit National Organization in Washington, DC
1996 - 2005:

Designed web site with integrated discussion group, database, and site-search mechanism

For a National Telecommunications and Networking Company:

Developed CGI and Java-based tools for router traffic, availability analysis, and network management

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